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New meeting registration required when we upgrade our Meetings capacity?


Dear all,

We've upgraded our Zoom meetings capacity to deal with a surge in registrations for an existing event. Can we stick with our existing registration link for the up-to-100 people event, or do we need to set up and share a new one? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Katherine6,


Meetings and Webinars don’t have to be changed when purchasing new capacities. The scheduled session doesn’t have a capacity directly associated with it. Zoom checks the Hosts assigned capacity license at the time the session is started, and attached the limit to the meeting at that time. I believe it’s even possible for you to increase the capacity after the meeting has started — but I wouldn’t wait that long, if I were you!  (I saw this occur at a Webinar session with a group I belong to in fall of 2022; capacity of 500 was reached, they announced there would be a few minutes delay, and soon the overflow crowd started to enter the Webinar.)


Also, registrations are unlimited by default (you can establish an optional registration limit if you wish).  I advise clients to be ready to update their capacity any time the registration count approaches the user’s assigned capacity limit, but you can “hedge your bets” on occasion that a certain percentage of your registrants won’t show up.


Also, if capacity is an issue and the event is free and open to the public, you can consider livestreaming and direct your over-capacity attendees to the livestream URL. I wouldn’t recommend this approach for a paid event. 

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