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New Speaking language notification popup for better transcription-turn off?


Screenshot 2024-04-24_zoom speaking lang.jpg

Since the last update (not sure when, likely in April?), some participants see a popup message on their Zoom in the top left corner during a live meeting that says "Confirm your speaking langauge" "It sounds like you migh have switched to a different langauge. Please update it so we can provide better-quality transcription".  (See attached).  Something seems to correctly be picking up when they switch from English to another language.  It does not seem to happen all the time, or to every person who speaks another language.


We are running a learning activity where transcription, recording, etc. is not permitted, and no one has any of this turned on. This message is causing concern to participants. Is there a setting or some other way to prevent this message from appearing?



I've also seen this dialog appear. Does anyone have further insight?