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New Registration Page Update - Is there a way to override to show the link on the page?


I use Zoom Meeting registration often and today noticed that when a person registers for a Meeting they no longer see the direct link on the page. I read on Zoom Support that they planned to do this "later this year" and I guess just rolled it out. In the same section where they mentioned the plan to roll this out they also say that Admin will be able to override this change, but I don't see that option anywhere in our settings. Has anyone found a way to override this? It's problematic as we often used the display of the direct link to add link to executives calendar, they won't always add the ICS. 


In the meantime I know I can pull the unique links from the backend registration list. 



I found this today.  So it looks like you can allow the link to pop up 60 min before or during the meeting. 


Yes, if you turn on that allow it does work within 60 mins before or during the meeting. It used to show it immediately after registration, but I am guessing they won't be bringing that back and it will just be the 60 min option.