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New Raised Hands "Enhancements"


I see that this was in the June 5 update, that Zoom automatically added certain "enhancements" to raised hands. One is a notification which pops up which tells how many hands are raised. Is there any way to disable this "feature"? I find it gets in the way.
Another is a notification that it will automatically lower your hand, and gives a countdown. This can be a useful feature, but it pops up directly over my Lower Hand button, so that I have to manually close it to lower my hand myself. This delays the lowering of my hand.


Does anyone know how to get rid of these popups? or to move them out of the way?

Thank you.



There's a few other posts about this, but surprisingly no way to toggle it off at the moment. 

Is there any way of finding out if this policy is being reviewed? It is a disaster in our meetings.


I agree, I somehow got over on the developer side and saw that there was a suggestion to be able to click "ok" or "do not show again" but it doesn't seem that it's an option yet. It's SO frustrating. I teach 4th grade and it covers kids' faces, and when a new kid raises their hand, it pops up again. I'm constantly clicking on the stupid "x." 


It has an annoying side effect here as well. In the Japanese company we often have

public readings, so you pick the next person to read from those with lowered hands, read your own paragraph, and raise your hand to indicate you have done your turn.


Now peoples hands are lowered by default, and people being picked multiple times etc.


Admittedly, this isn't what the raised-hand is for. But since there is no way to have a stable list (same order) of people in the meeting for all participants, this is the solution they went with.


As a teacher we use the "reactions" of Yes, No, Slow Down, Speed Up, much the same way. If students have had their turn they choose "Yes." I also had a student who pointed out this week that they could click cancel to not have their hand lowered automatically.