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Need text file of participants before meeting ends


We need a list of participants halfway through a meeting in order to copy it to a random name picker to select a participant to receive a free door prize before the end of the meeting. We do not use Zoom for registration, but even if we did, we need a list of actual participants not registrants. It would be great if we could simply download or copy the names from the participant pod at a time of our choosing, i.e., approximately 15 minutes before the meeting's end. 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @homeboy 


The easiest and quickest way of doing this I have found is to join the Meeting additionally from a web browser and bring up the participant list there. In a web browser, the participant list is copy and paste-able and you can copy it out to a plain text document (like Notepad). You may get some extraneous content in the top and tail, but you can cut that out quickly - and the participant list will be left clearly in the body. You can then paste that out into your application of choice - like your random picker.


Should take less than 60 seconds - once you are familiar with the steps.


There are other programmatic ways, using the API for example - but the above gets you off the ground quickly.


Hope this helps.


When I run the meetings I am on a web browser on a desktop computer. But apparently the operative word is "additional." Thank you. I will try that next time.

Thanks much, now I just need to find a 'random picker!'  😉