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Need main zoom console to stay on monitor 1


Hi everyone,


Question but let me first describe my monitor setup.


I have my laptop monitor as Monitor1

I have a 2nd monitor, in portrait mode to the left of Monitor1 - we will call it monitor2

I have a 3rd monitor, a 32" widescreen, directly above Monitor1 - e will call it monitor3


OK, here we go - lol.


I fire up my Zoom meeting and my attendees join ... this main Zoom console is on Monitor1.


When I share an app, say a Word doc, and the Word doc is located on Monitor3 ... as soon as the doc becomes active (green bordered) the attendees (Zoom console) are thrown over to Monitor2 and that make me have to look off to the left to see them.


QUESTION IS ... how do I prohibit the Zoom console from bouncing from Monitor1 to Monitor2 when I share something (i.e. an app, desktop, etc.).


Thanks in advance!



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@JamesJKusch , see the KB article that covers Screen sharing a PowerPoint Presentation. This also maybe applicable to other docs such as MS word, Excel and etc.


Screen sharing a PowerPoint presentation 


Hope this helps.


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I have the same issue, and the above article does not address this at all.  I run zoom on my non-primary monitor, but when I try to login or someone shares their screen or I share my screen, it opens settings or the screen share on my primary monitor.  This is really a pain.