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Need help connecting to Zoom meetings using a new MacBook Pro with Apple silicon.


Replaced old Dell desktop with Apple notebook and lost ability to Zoom.


I am an old volunteer lawyer, meeting with folks who are in a jail. I schedule the meetings using software that I believe comes from CXMSolutions. The software sends me a link, reminding me of the time of the meeting (when the inmate will be seated with the computer) instead of a traditional Zoom login. When I examine the link on the Mac, I see this message:

There is no application set to open the URL x-webdoc://32D5D9AB-128C-4708-A9D6-180639F467E3/


Is there a setting on the Mac that I need to change to make this work?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @MacVaugh as it looks like CXMSolutions is a Customer Experience Management service and looks like they handle some sort of Queueing & Waiting service and then transfers over to a Team or Zoom meeting, assuming most of the integration/dev work came from their end and would suggest reaching out to their support services to ensure that this isn't an issue on their end. You can email them at, if you get a response back, suggest sharing here within the discussion. Ill do some more research on my end in the meantime and will update this if I find a resolution. 


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