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Need audio transcription in Spanish from meeting recording


Hello. I am using zoom in the US from my university. I need to record meetings in Spanish and have zoom produce a Spanish audio transcript. Is this possible? I have changed the language of in-meeting controls to Spanish, but the audio transcription does not recognize Spanish. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @hhobson,


If you have a university account, I'd recommend that you check with your university's Zoom Account Admin to see what level of interpretation services are available to your account.  There is a feature which can create an automated translation captioning of Spanish (and other languages).  See this Zoom Support article for details: 


If your university has access to this feature, I think it would also create a simple caption file from Spanish, in Spanish.  You'd need an Admin to enable it for your account, and from there you might need some technical assistance to set it up in your meeting -- or hopefully you can get it to work easily.


I've seen a demo of the translation feature in a small meeting with English, French, and Dutch speakers, and the Zoom Client app did a very good job of translating each language to the other... but I think it would also create a Spanish caption from spoken Spanish for you to save.

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