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Mysterious Zoom Crashes (during VLC video share)


(I also tried to send this to technical / customer support - we'll see what happens.)


This has happened repeatedly over the last few weeks:

I am in the middle of a meeting, with maybe 15-20 attendees, and I am usually sharing a video being played via VLC.

Then all of a sudden, the whole system crashes. VLC stops playing, everything grinds to a halt, there's a funny sound from the audio track.

So I make someone else the host -
then I leave the meeting
then I quit the program
then sometimes I restart the entire system
but when I rejoin the meeting, I make myself the host

Sometimes it happens more than once in a single evening.

Also, I tried using other media players. For some reason, Elmedia player does NOT turn up in the list of options for a screen share.

But I would really like to get VLC and Zoom working together again - - I have been using them together with almost no problems for over two years now.

thank you for any help - has anybody else had an issue like this?

On a three hour meeting on Friday April 1 - this happened to me twice, once at 40:00 minutes in, then again about 40 min's after that, but thankfully not a third time.


PS: secondary questions - what OTHER media players work well with ZOOM?  (so far VLC is the best, but lately there have been these issues.)

also what is the easiest way to submit a new technical support question / ticket ?  (I can only seem to be able to piggy back on old support eMails...)




We are having the same problem using Zoom on Linux Mint 21 XFCE.  I assumed Zoom + VLC was asking too much from my PC so I upgraded the hardware.  8G RAM to 24G, added a video card and swapped the CPU from i3 to i5 (2 to 4 cores).  We volunteer run a family support group so Zoom has been a game changer for us, thanks team!

Our PC is now amazing, but we have to nominate a co-host as Zoom is still intermittently crashing when I hit play.