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My zoom meeting is blurry live and is recorded blurry.


So I have 2 laptops and my gaming laptop which is way better than my other laptop for some reason everything comes on blurry live as people are talking and then it is recorded blurry as well for some reason. And for some reason my other laptop when it's recording the same video records clear and clean. Any ideas on how to fix this? I know it may be my computer but just curious if anyone else figured out that problem. I have the HD settings on as well. Thanks


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Kareem91,


Can you let me know the gaming laptop brand and model? And when you say blurry, is it more like 'artifacts' where you can see the blocks (low resolution) or is it just not sharp?



Hi Ian,


Sorry for the late response, So it's Blurry like it's low quality on my end. Everything is. Even when I record my video it would come out blurry. I have another computer right beside it and when I have the zoom open it's nice and sharp like it should be. I have the HD setting turned on as well.


I have similar questions -1st one: 2 laptops using same camera (thru OBS) the one with FHD screen (1080p) shows blurry picture of me on other parties in Zoom meeting, but the other laptop with HD (720p) screen produces good video of me on other parties.  

2nd question:  using iPhone thru ivCam  as Zoom video camera. if I set the camera resolution 1080 than the video (shown on other parties screen) is blurry. and strange is if I set to 720 than the picture is better???

STW, this is either a cord issue between zoom and OBS or it's an internet upload speed to zoom. If you have low upload speeds then you can come across as blurry.


I think it might have to do with software tho since Zoom is optimized for upload speed.
Assuming that outside of OBS your camera is actually producing 1080p quality.

Hi Kareem91, Thanks for your reply. My internet service is Frontier Fiber with average about 30-40 Mbps upload speed. And it should be okay, right?  So I think one other concern is the CPU power. The troubled computer is a Dell laptop Latitude 5480 with Intel i5-7300U and 8Gb memory, FHD 1080 display from integrated graphics. When I run the Zoom, OBS and ivCam together and I noticed that CPU usage is close to 100 percent...

So could it be the possible reason to cause the other end(s) blurry issue?