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My clients are redirected to different rooms although it's the same link


Hello everyone,


I'm desperately looking for a solution for the following problem:


I have connected my Zoom acoount to calendly and I always send my clients the same Zoom link to our personal meeting room in the confirmation emails. However, Zoom creates a different meeting ID for each new appointment.

Now, when my clients click on the link in the email, some clients are taken to our regular, personal Zoom room, other clients are redirected to the extra-room created by Zoom. And no matter in which room (regular or extra), we can't be sure, that the client is directed to were we are.

In the case of individual appointments, this is still solvable for us, by jumping back and forth between the rooms and looking for the client. In the case of group events, however, it is a technical disaster and cannot be solved, because we have to stay in one room with the clients and can't close it to look for the missing clients, who were redirected to the other room.


Has anyone got an idea how to get around this thing? Maybe I could somehow disenable Zoom to create these extra-rooms?


I'm thankful for your input,



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @David888.


I’m a long time Calendly user. Calendly always sends a new generated Meeting ID to all participants. I’m guessing you or someone else in your team is sissy sending the PMI Join link as well, and this results in the unusual behavior you’re describing. Always use generated Meeting IDs for Calendly. 

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Hello Ray,
Thank you very much for your input.
I came a little closer to the cause of the problem. And this is, that besides our permanent ID, Zoom creates a unique Id for every new event, but not everybody connects their booking with their email/calender.
This way, many people are still dependent upon a link within our email-notifications. And there I can only put the permanent ID, unless I want to change those emails everytime I set up a new event.
But I have an idea on how to solve it and your input was one part of coming to it, so thanks again!
Greetings from Germany,

Hello David


We are struggling with a very similar issue and have been since August 2023. Recently the problem seems to be escalating.


When two or more people connects to a meeting using the link provided by the invitee, the attendants often enters two different rooms on two different MMRs.


"But I have an idea on how to solve it..." you say. Did you solve it? If so, how?


Thanks in advance

Best regards

Ernst Mikkelsen