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My Zoom participants always have to update


Almost every time I invite someone to join a Zoom meeting that I've organized, they have to update their Zoom for 3-5 minutes before they can join. This has been happening for over 1 year now.


My access to Zoom premium is part of my university's account and I think someone might have ticked a box to enable all university accounts to get access to beta features? This is the only reason I can see why my meetings always force someone to update. I've even had instances of people leaving one Zoom meeting (not even exiting the application) and then not being able to join my meeting directly after without updating and restarting.


It causes constant delays to all my meetings. Can someone please suggest a solution that I can try and implement to fix this? Have you heard of a problem like this before?



I've checked my settings:

  1. I don't seem to be on the Zoom Beta program
  2. I have Zoom set for auto-updates but on Slow cadence (screenshot below)