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Muting a Disruptive Attendee


We anticipate a future public meeting where an attendee may want to talk over folks. When I mute this person do they have the ability to unmute themselves or is there a feature where I can mute them permanently if they get too disruptive? Does anyone have best practices on how to manage this kind of experience in a public meeting setting? Thanks.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In a Zoom meeting, when you Mute all, a dialog box appears and asks if you want to allow participants to be able to unmute. Click NO.  Another suggestion is, since this is a future meeting, to reach out to the one person that talks over folks and ask him/her not to talk over people. Back to not allowing people to unmute, ask people to use the chat box to ask questions. You could also use Reactions and ask users to Raise Hand. 

Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

As a meeting host, if you mute a participant, this is considered a force mute, and they won't be able to unmute themselves until you remove the force mute. Once you remove the force mute, you also have the option the request them to unmute (but you cannot unmute them directly, for evident privacy reason).