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Mute/unmute gremlins?


Hi all, I'm part of a volunteer team of experienced Zoom hosts running a daily online meeting (@150-200 attendees).  Given the meeting size, for most of the meeting people are muted as standard with co-hosts unmuting them when they want to speak.  A few times recently we seem to have everyone in the meeting being asked to unmute when the host has not changed the security settings (I'm not sure which setting would prompt a general ask-to-unmute anyway).  We are genuinely not sure whether we have a too enthusiastic co-host or whether there is a glitch in our system.  Has anyone else experienced such a glitch and do you have any recommendations before we start clamping down on co-hosts?  Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Enabling the Request permission to unmute participants option in the meeting settings will display a dialog box when participants join the meeting. The dialog box will ask for permission to allow the host to mute or unmute them.


Hosts and co-hosts need pre-approved consent from attendees to unmute them in a meeting. If the participant provides consent to be unmuted, you will have the option to unmute each person individually as needed from the participants list.


This consent will persist between subsequent meetings.


As you have indicated, you may have a cohost unmuting participants. You may want to review the meeting settings or have a conversation with your cohosts about meeting protocols. 



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Thanks Frank but this 'The host is asking you to unmute' message does not appear when the security settings change or when new people join but during the meeting to everyone in the meeting even though the host has *not* asked them to unmute.  This has only happened in the last couple of weeks and does not happen at every meeting.  Is it a glitch, an odd update or is someone doing something to the settings?