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Music is not playing through zoom anymore


Hey all, I’m a fitness instructor that has been running both online and hall classes together I’ve been using a mixer for music and mic and has worked perfectly however all of a sudden the music cuts in and out and sound like it’s under water while the mic is fine. Please help as I have a zumba class tomorrow 😫 can I uninstall the last update as I can only presume this is the issue as I’ve tested everything else? Thanks x



I'm following, as I'm having the exact same problem that just started. I've been taking clarinet lessons on Zoom for the entire pandemic, and now I can't be heard. 


Hey I’ve logged a ticket with zoom might be worth anyone having the same issue to log one as they hopefully will take it more seriously. At the moment they are sending me right around the houses with set ups but Ive been using it fine for two years with no issues until the latest upgrade.


I’m having the same problem with no warning no music can be heard by class participants.  Zoom did an update on 1/15/23.  Then another one today-1/18/23.  I’ve tried everything to get it to work!  I also teach fitness classes with music and have tried everything.  The newest download did not fix the problem for me.🥵

Glad I’m not the only fitness instructor out there still teaching both in hall and online. I’m having a zoom meeting with zoom tonight to go through the issue will let you know what they say.

I am an online fitness instructor and had to cancel my classes today for the same reason. I feel like I’ve tried everything. Please post the result because like you, my work depends on it. Thank you! 

Thank you.


Hey Erin,


So this is what zoom have come back with:


After doing more research on how you set up your meeting, I have more confidence that it should work properly. 
I found a video of another person having a similar setup as yourself. Can you make sure you have everything set up in Zoom as she did? 

Also, please try to find another network because your current network is having some issues with our logs. 
We have data centers all around the world and when you join a meeting, you actually connected to the closest data center closest to you. Once connected with the data center, it will then connect you to your meeting. We did it this way so that all participants will be able to join without much delay. 

If that failed, please try to downgrade your version of zoom to 5.12.9. Make sure you uninstall your current Zoom App completely through the control panel. 


Please see my response:


So the video you sent was the one I originally used to get my set up correct back in Covid times, I had to make a few changes as when I used her exact set up the music was no good and not picking up all vocals in the song it would only pick up background music. When i changed it to this, it worked perfectly for both in hall and zoom. Purple cable to mic transmitter, red cable to stereo and black cable to iPhone.


I downgraded both laptops to 5.12.9 but frustratingly still get the same issue.
Not sure how to find another network as suggested please can you advise how to do this?
Please feel free to test this too but I’ve had no luck. I think I may have cracked a work around for the time being. I’ll test it tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
If anyone having the same issue can log a ticket please  (Google this it should take you to the right place 😉) because I get the impression we are a small community that use zoom like this it’s not a priority 😤 and won’t be looked at until we all kick off a bit thanks x

I tried to install an earlier version of zoom and was unable to.  I finally got it to work by doing the opposite of what I was doing before.  I have no idea why that worked but I had tried everything else. 

Out of interest how is it now working for you? I would normally use a mixer to put my music and mic through but at the moment t I’m having to by pass that and just use iTunes on my laptop then share sound in zoom this is ok but no mic and is a sec delay from moves to music. Not sure how else to get this to work? 

I have a speaker next to my computer. I use my iPad for my playlist and the speaker is right next to my desktop. I’ve been doing it like this since March 2020. I hope it works for you. I have class later today and I am keeping my fingers crossed that going to the lower version of Zoom will work from now on. 

Thanks I’ll try that way as well to see if that will work for the time being. Good luck with your class. Hope it went well.


Thank you for the update. I went ahead and uninstalled Zoom then installed the version referred to above and my sound now works!! I’m thinking it had to be the update. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years and never had this happen before. If I hear anything else, I’ll post here. I also teach Zumba. If you hear anything, please let me know. I’m hoping that this will fix your problem!!!

Glad it’s working for you can I ask how your set up is, are you using a mixer? Thanks 


I've been having the same problem you've been having and also deinstalled and reinstalled Zoom to an earlier version with no luck. All of a sudden mine is WORKING TODAY! I don't know how or why, but you might want to try it again in case there's been a fix. I had also sent Zoom a test recoding that highlighted my problem, so you might want to consider doing that. 

Glad it’s now working for you. I broke my cable to my mixer in frustration the other day but have not got a bit of a work around using a software called voicemeeter banana this guy is really helpful still work in progress at the moment but it’s a virtual mixer rather than a hardware version. Ps I did send a recording to zoom when the issue first accord.


Glad it’s working for you!!  Mine is working; I went to a lower version of Zoom and it worked for me. Good idea about sending a recording on Zoom!!  Hope this problem is over for all of us!