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Multiple video issues


After the updating Zoom on Monday, the videos are distorted when they're pinned, spotlighted, or in speaker view. The bottom and right side are kind of cut off and the "remove pin/spotlight" are centered instead of top left.

I also have 2 screens (1 laptop screen and a 2nd monitor), when I move my Zoom window/application between the two, the videos (participants and myself) become frozen, distorted, or don't show at all. Sometimes my Zoom will crash from this and I have to leave the meeting and rejoin in order to see anyone. This especially happens when I have about 20+ participants. If it's just me, it's alright. 

When I share my screen, I can only see my participants in "show thumbnail video". When I press grid view, no videos show. I really need to be able to see my participants while I present my screen. 

Please help, I have tried adjusting my video settings "original ratio", "HD", etc and un-installing and re-installing Zoom.