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Multiple recordings to cloud


I teach several classes a week and am wondering whether it is possible to have just one link to all Cloud recordings rather than have to send a link to the cloud recording after every class. Ideally I would like students to be able to go to a single place where all recordings of classes are kept. Anyone know whether this is possible?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



There is currently no such ability. Zoom does allow you to download the cloud recording so you can upload it to another platform with such a capability.


If you use an LMS, your LMS admin may be able to integrate Zoom so that the recordings will appear in your LMS course.


There are also Marketplace integration for media platforms like Panopto and Kaltura that can assist in what you are trying to do. Dropbox might be an option.


Check out the Zoom marketplace for other storage options. 


Although this community forum is useful, the best way to get traction on a feature request is through Zoom's official feedback process.

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