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Multiple Room Links with One account


Hello, I'm new too zoom. i just bought an account. And i want to create multiple room with different links. I tried breakout room but unfortunately that's not what i'm looking for. Is there any way to creat multiple zoom links with only one account and assign each host to each room?


Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @rumelote 


You can schedule multiple Meetings with a single account. But the meetings cannot run concurrently.


A single license enables you to Host one active meeting at any one time.


You also cannot pre-assign Hosts exactly.


You can pre-assign Alternative Hosts, but they, too, must be licensed users - and must be on your same account.


Once a meeting is started, you can promote any participants to a Co-Host, or to a new Host - but you could not start another meeting from your single account while the first meeting is still active.


Hope this helps clarify.


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HI Rupert,

   Sorry but I need your help. I just need to delete my current zoom meeting & create a new one. How should I do that? Thank you