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Multiple Breakout Room Configurations for a Single Meeting




Can someone please provide some pointers or solutions for the scenario below?


If you have a training session that requires two different breakout room configurations. For instance, at10:00 am I want 25 participants to be manually/randomly assigned to five breakout rooms. Then, at 11:30 am, I want to use my pre-assigned/csv file for same 25 participants to be automatically assigned to five (pre-determined) breakout rooms.


What or how would the "Recover to pre-assigned rooms" fail to work in this situation? 


Thank you.


Note Taker

In theory, what you are asking should work. I have not tested it myself but here is an article describing what you want to attempt. Scroll to the bottom for the recover pre-assigned rooms section.

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I wrote a long blog post regarding Zoom Breakout rooms. I know how the CSV file works. I haven't tested whether you can use the CSV assignment after randomly assigning people to breakout rooms.
Here is what I would do. 

  1. Do the random assignment. 
  2. After returning to the Main Room, Share your screen and pull up something in Excel (see screenshot).
  3. Tell the people to find their names and go to that breakout room. 

That may be the easiest way to handle this. If I have time this weekend, I'll test the CSV after random Breakout rooms. 

Blog post on Breakout Rooms