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Multi User Account- Users stuck in Waiting Room


Has anyone had their Users stuck in the Waiting Room when they shouldn't be?

I am helping a local chapter configure their Multi User account this week. I have set up our chapter 2 years ago and helped numerous chapters do the same thing so I am completely stymied. 


Here's the deal:

Chapter president created Zoom on Pro License in 2020.

She hosted all their meetings (limited zoom knowledge)

New President Elected in 2022.

Old President changed the email on the account to the new Chapter President Email

New President wanted her group leaders to be able to host so she added them to her Pro account as Basic Users

She Enabled the Waiting Room so that "Users in account will bypass waiting room" and that in the "absence of Hosts and Costs those in the Meeting can admit others in the Waiting Room".

This above setting was enabled for the Pro Account Meeting Setting. 

This same setting was enabled and locked for the Account Meeting Setting. 

She then created one Scheduled Recurring Meeting of "no fixed time". 

She then added 4 basic Users to her account. 


None of her users can bypass the waiting room in the Scheduled Recurring Meeting.


I then asked to be invited as a User so I could test it out. I was made a Basic User Admin so I could verify the above settings in her multi user Pro Account.


I have crossed checked her settings against my chapter's settings. My chapter has the exact same setup- a multi user pro account with users who bypass the waiting room and claim host since 2020 in our one scheduled recurring meeting. All the meeting and waiting room settings look the same in my account and her account. 


I am stumped. Does anyone have any ideas of why her users are stuck in the waiting room waiting for the host to let them in? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, Sandi


That phenomenon occurs frequently on our account.

Cases in which it occurs include.
1.Without signing in to the Zoom client application.
2.Click on the meeting URL link
3.Sign in and join when asked to sign in.


Presumably, the authentication of the user by sign-in is delayed and the user is recognized as a non-account user.

Zoom seems to be aware of this phenomenon, and at some point in time, a link to join as an account user is displayed in the waiting room.


Oneway to prevent, the following settings are to be set up for the account user.


Sign in with check "Keep me Signed in"
And  general setting "Start Zoom when start windows"