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Moving Over A Recurring Meeting


A person I know has had a paid zoom account for the last two years but is considering giving it up.  He has a recurring meeting with a meeting id every sunday evening.


We were looking into alternatives.  One of course is we pay him to sign up for another year.  But the question came up if another person (such as me) has a paid account, is there a way to move the meeting as is from his account to my account?  By 'as is' I am asking if you move over the meeting from one user to the other, is the meeting id still the same?


So what this situation again is the original user who is totally independent from me, for example, wants to stop paying for zoom.  I continue to pay annually for zoom.  Can I take over his meetings  - having it transferred to me - without having to change the id?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @JoelIrwin,


This is possible, but both users need to be under the same Zoom account. The following support article explains the process:




If you need assistance in transferring meetings between different accounts I would suggest reaching out to Zoom Support to see if they can help.


Let me know if this resolves your issue? If so, don’t forget to mark the reply as an accepted solution!



That was not my question.  The scenario is two totally independent paid accounts.  One wants to stop paying but has a recurring meeting.  Can it be transferred to the other.  The issue is around the meeting ID and password.  We want to maintain it - hence the reason to transfer it instead creating a new one.


Joel, I read a suggestion by Bort to invite the account of the owner of the meeting ID into the account of the destination for the meeting ID. Then there was something about scheduling permissions. I didn't quite understand the process and haven't tried it yet but it sounded like the closest response to the solution we both seek. I'd forward his response but I'm new to this forum and still finding my way.