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More dynamic backgrounds and movement with camera pan and zoom


Hi all,
I've been using OBS for some time now to tune up my zoom calls. it has been quite handy to combine those two and the results have been salient on our business calls while presenting.  I'd like to push it some further now so my question: Does anybody know a way that lets me perform camera pans and zooms for my OBS camera sources live during the meeting? That would give it not only a better modern look, but also the zooming in helps our clients to follow the information much better. A bit of more interactivity and control  and ability to zoom would be just great...



Hi thoseth,

that is actually the reason I made a post some days ago, which has been marked as spam unfortunately. I knew it is relevant to many users here. I will not post the link to the website here again, but you can google the tool - it is named schwercraft by ramraver. It does, I guess, exactly what you are looking for and AFAIC  it is the only one. Try it out, they don't even require account creation.





PS: Funny, I once knew someone named tho Seth. Are you from northern germany? 


A quick workaround that comes to mind is to use Zoom's "Request camera control" feature.  So you'd have a computer with OBS as the video source.  Then you'd join another co-host into the Zoom meeting, right click on the first user's video, and select "Request camera control".  Then the second user can pan and zoom the first user's OBS feed.  This would work better if you had a wide angle 4K camera so that the cropping wouldn't have such a noticeable quality loss.


Since it is not a downloadlink I guess it is not against community rules to post the link to a short video that showcases what the software I mentioned above can do:


I would call it an entirely new level.