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Monitoring zoom audio output during the meeting (visual or audio)


I am streaming music into zoom via external USB mixer which is set as my microphone, it has mix minus and I am only able to hear what other participants say and my own voice and music in the mixer, but not as a output coming from zoom.

I am looking for a way to monitor what other participants hear when I stream music, without having to logging on 2nd device with headphones. 

Sometimes there're issues that music is not being heard,  sometimes it's delay because of connection, sometimes music level is not enough. It would be awesome to have visual monitor to see my sound levels real-time and be sure it is ok. 

Must be very simple to do like when you record on whatsup or iphone recorder and see the diagram.



I monitor my live session via another account. Its the only way I can know 100% what's being streamed to others.

Thank you! Yes, unfortunately I also couldn't find the other way