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Monitoring Sound While Sharing Sound in Ubuntu


I am using Zoom 5.9.0 with Ubuntu 21.10. I have installed Zoom using the deb file downloaded from the Zoom website.


I am able to successfully share videos with audio using screen sharing with the "share sound" option selected. I have tested with another person joined in a meeting and they say the sound quality is good. However, I am not able to hear the sound while I share.


While I am sharing with the "share sound" option selected I see in the Ubuntu sound settings that Zoom is using a sound device called zoom_combine_device. When I stop sharing, I am able to hear the video and I see in the Ubuntu sound settings that the audio device has automatically switched back to my normal audio device.


Also, sound stops sharing if I switch from the zoom_combine_device to my normal audio device while I am sharing a video with the share sound option selected. In this case, I hear the sound from the video but the person in the meeting only hears the sound coming back through my microphone, which makes for bad sound quality.


Is there some way that I can hear sound and share it using the "share sound" option at the same time?


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

do you have this issue in the previous version?


I also experience the same problem. A bug fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

I was using an external USB audio interface. I have found that this Zoom sharing feature works correctly if I set my Zoom audio device and my Ubuntu default device to the audio device built into my desktop computer.