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Mobile "None" Virtual Background and/or Filter not working


A pink virtual background or filter is on my Android mobile app, and will not go away.

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled the latest version, to no avail.

Choosing different backgrounds or filters does work reflects each new selection.

However, choosing option "None" does not remove what seems to now be a default pink background.


Interestingly, the "None" option works when switching to the forward camera.

So, I can use my phone if I am comfortable not seeing anyone else nor seeing where I am in the shot.


The "selfiecam" attached images show the pink background and the "Virtual Background" and "Filters" menus - both with the "None" option selected.

The "forward" image shows that the pink background goes away when the other camera on the same phone is in use.


Phone: "Galaxy S20 FE 5G"

Model: SM-G781U1/DS

One UI Version: 4.1

Android Version: 12

Kernel: 4.19.113-24328540

Zoom: (previous version also had same bug)




I have the same problem on the desktop app. I too, cannot get rid of the pink haze.


Same!! So annoying. It's just with this last update I believe. HELP ZOOM... WHY?