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Missing registrations for approval


Hello. I have been holding zoom meetings for over 2 years which we require people to register for and we approve manually. The last couple of meetings  we have had a few people register, and we receieve an email notifying us they have registered, but when i go to the list to approve or deny them they are not showing up. This has not happened before. Any ideas why this might be happening? thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi nsm,


please see support article

Managing meeting and webinar registration – Zoom Support





Hi Eliot

Thank you for your email. I have had a quick look at the link you suggest but can't see a reference to the issue i am having. I am able to approve/deny if the registratrion is showing on the zoom meeting. But the issue is a few are not showing up, despite me receiving notification to say they have registered (subject to approval)

Do you know what might be causing the anomaly. It is only a minority of cases?