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Missing recording


Hi, I have zoom meeting scheduled for a class for a week. Unfortunately, I found out that there is no recording appear for the 4 days of the class. I checked everywhere but can't find it. Can anyone help me to get back the recordings ? I really need it as it need to be submitted to my boss for claim purposes. 



In the navigation menu, click Recordings. At the top right, you will see a Trash icon if there are any cloud recordings in the trash. Click the icon to see any deleted cloud recordings. Click Recover on the right to retrieve the recording.



Rachel Gomez

This worked (and I'm not the original requester but I had the same problem)! I immediately found the most important file that had been trashed and recovered it. I found 63 others but not the other one that I really needed. I can rerecord that one. The most precious one could not be replaced and thanks to you I'm breathing better! 🙂