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Missing Zoom Meeting License


We have encountered an issue with our Zoom account where a license appears to be missing.


The problem started after adding a new user. The new user's email address is hosted through Google and so when they logged in, they did so by using the login with Google option.


After logging in, Zoom showed that their account status was basic, but on closer examination, the email address Zoom displayed after logging in was the alias for the account and hence the reason for the license coming up as basic.

Since the user had already begun setting up meetings under the account that used the email alias, I decided to specifically add a new user to our Zoom account using the alias address and then move the license over from the account using the primary email address.


This was done, and the welcome email was received. The trouble now is, when we go to log in to Zoom using Google, it no longer picks the alias and instead logs in with the primary email address. Logging in under this email address means that the previously scheduled meetings are no longer accessible. This account, under the primary email address, shows it is basic and not licensed.


When I look at my Zoom admin center, it shows that we have the correct number of licenses under billing, but under users, I don’t see the new account that uses the email alias, and I see one fewer licensed users that I have licenses. Trying to assign a license back to the account still using the primary email address results in the error “0 licenses available”.


What can I do to correct this issue while not losing the meetings that have already been arranged?


Any advice would be appreciated.




Similar problem here. Any solution?