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Missing Recurring Meeting


I renewed my zoom (payment) and 2 days later, my recurring meeting has dissappered.  After panicking for a bit, finally found it - but now is under a tab called "Personal Meeting Room."  ASnyone know why?  Better yet, how can I move it back to my Meetings tab?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @FMJ2 not sure how this could've occurred as when you schedule a meeting from the web portal at you have the option to use either a Meeting ID that is Generate Automatically or using your Personal Meeting ID.


However, after testing, it looks like when you first initially create a meeting that is recurring you cannot change the meeting ID after its scheduled, in your case suddenly the recurring meeting ID changed to your personal meeting ID, which I don't believe is possible. 


Personal meeting IDs never change unless you manually change your personal meeting ID. Also, personal meeting IDs never really "expire", so I'm curious to think you were just reusing the meeting invitation for your personal meeting ID.


Suggest looking into the following KBs: 

- Using your personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link

- Scheduling a recurring meeting


Zoom Community Moderator

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That's exactly what happened to me. All recurring meetings and ID have dissappeared from Zoom laptop interface. SHowing up on mobile but not on any laptops. How can I rectifiy this?

Update your client sw. Reopen and on the right, down under the clock you'll see a line "Anytime Meetings >"

Click on the arrow and they will show up.