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Missing Recording


I just finished a meeting and wanted to download the recording. Unfortunately, my laptop memory was full and I was unable to download it. The case is I can't find the recording on the cloud as well even though I'm a pro-plan user. Can anybody enlighten me on how to retrieve my recorded meeting if I failed to download it?

Thank you in advance. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Jane88 welcome to the community! I see your discussion was posted last Friday 10/13. Can you confirm whether you initiated a cloud recording or local recording? 


If you choose 'record on this Computer,' you will record locally; as a result, I see you mentioned that "my laptop memory was full and I was unable to download it." I'm afraid that if you locally recorded and had low disk space (redirected to the Knowledge Base article on troubleshooting local recordings), this could be the cause of your inability to find your local recording until you freed up space. Initially, when you end a Zoom meeting, your locally recorded meeting will convert. Were you ever prompt'd a recording conversion window? 


If you chose 'record to the cloud', you will find your cloud recordings at 

Zoom Community Moderator

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