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Missing Recording


Good morning,


I recorded a Zoom session yesterday to the cloud. I do this frequently and it always appears in my recordings, but this one is not showing up. The only possible abnormalities I can think of are:


  • A participant downloaded the chat history at the end of the meeting
  • I used the Zoom for G Suite Add-On to create the meeting. While this often creates a different Zoom room # from my personal, I still get recordings from other sessions created this way.

Any ideas where it could have ended up or why I'm not seeing the recording? I already checked in local recordings and I confirmed with other participants that it was in fact recording.




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @FredJohnson when you schedule a meeting from Google Calendar the meeting settings are applied based on your account settings and wondered if any were applied from the recording tab and if they differed from your usual settings. You have the option to edit the meeting settings before it starts, but I'm specifically curious about the default behavior.


When you schedule a meeting at, there's an option to automatically generate a meeting ID instead of using your personal meeting ID (PMI). I'm interested to know if your meetings follow these settings and if you have the "Automatically record meeting" option enabled.


Alternatively, you can also check your profile settings at Under the recording section, there's an option to enable automatic recording. Did you have this option enabled?


Also, want to know how the recording was initiated and if any specific settings came into play when you initiated the recording to either locally or cloud. Let me know your experience and settings related to this.


Zoom Community Moderator

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