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Mirror the screen of the host (as a guest)


Hello, I am doing dance lessons via Zoom and would like to mirror the screen from the host, so that I can see the teacher from the correct side. Can I do this as a guest / student or can only the teacher himself mirror his screen?

He told me, I can do the mirroring, but I can't find anything...

Thanks for your help!



Community Champion

Hello ReniMary, to mirror your video you can go into your Preferences and select the video tab and you will see the mirror video option.  Please see the diagram below. Hopefully, this helps and if this does solve your issue can you please mark this issue as closed. 


I'm not sure if this was what original poster meant but I'd like to know how to mirror my dance teacher, not myself. When taking class the instructor will say something like "extend your right arm" and when they demo, it's the left arm from my perspective. It is instinct to extend the arm on the same side as the teacher especially because when attending in person classes the teacher will face the mirror just like the students so everyone is looking at the reflection. Is there a way to mirror the view of speaker/host so it mimics all of us facing the same direction. I hope I explained well enough to communicate what I'm trying to accomplish.  Thank you!

Zoom Moderator

Hi @ILOVGRATE ! Welcome to the community. You explained your question perfectly. However, in order to accomplish this, you might need to ask your instructor to alter their camera settings. Participants can't alter the view of the host.  Hope this helps!