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Microsoft teams not launching in Zoom Rooms


Hi Team,


We have the Microsoft Teams app on the Zoom rooms display. When we press on the Teams app, there is a request to enter a meeting ID and Password . Once entered, the Teams app opens and the Host of the meeting gets a request to Admit. However after admitting, the Teams app closes itself in Zoom rooms. 


I've read somewhere that this could be related to Firewall as other users have had the same error. Is there a recommended fix for this?  


Kind regards,



Hi, we are having the same issue but have noticed its isolated to Zoom rooms running on Poly Gear. Poly x30, x50 and G7500 appear to be impacted. Systems utilizing a zoom pc are not impacted.  Joining a teams meeting via Ad-Hoc or pushed via calendar invite encounter the same problem for us. We are able to start the scheduled meeting, However the guest name shows connected, but no video or audio pass. The call ends after about a min into the call.  


Following...our option to join a Teams meeting from a Poly x50 Zoom Room (w/ a TC8 touch panel) by entering the meeting ID and passcode appears to work, but the host of the Teams meeting is never prompted to admit the room. After a few seconds, the Zoom Room simply resets back to the default wallpaper. This is a new issue this week (2023-12-19).


Where you able to find a solution for this by chance? 

Any steps that you took to troubleshoot? 




One thing to note is we updated the Rally (1.11.254) and Tap IP (1.11.202) firmware, and it seems like that's been able for us to get Teams meetings to work. I'd imagine it was an issue tied with the old updates or versions.