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Microsoft Zoom SSO config - logout of Zoom logs out of Microsoft


Hi - this is my first post on this community forum so apologies if anything is out of line or incorrect 🙂


I am looking at an SSO oconfiguration that we have set up on SP Zoom with IDP Microsoft. I only recently took over administration of it so need to understand this better.


Yesterday we noticed that when users sign out of Zoom, they get signed out of Microsoft (Outlook/Teams) - this is when using Zoom, Outlook, Teams in the browser. How can I change it so Microsoft log stays intact?


Also, in terms of the claims/attributes that are updated on SSO from Microsoft details, if a value comes as blank it does not clear the value in the Zoom value. I.e if the users Phone number on Microsoft was 123 (and same on Zoom because of previous SSO), if that number is removed off Microsoft, the number 123 still remains on Zoom - what can I do to update the SSO SAML config to allow this?


Please advise?

Thank you in advance




Hi all ... any idea around this please? Thank you. Yatish