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Microphone - voice breaks up


During a ZOOM class, my students hear my voice clearly for a while, but then it cuts in and out. Class content includes lecture and streamed videos.  I am using a Blue Yeti Nano microphone and Windows 11.  If I switch to a laptop, the problem does not occur. Speed test results:  download = 59 mbps, upload = 11.6 mbps.



Perhaps the audio feed is too hot.

Are you using the Blue Voice app to manage the audio feed?


Alternately did you check your audio settings in zoom? (look under Settings/Audio)

There are a number of options there including checking the input levels (including auto levelling)

and handling background noise.


Forgive me if this answer is too basic. I don't know what you have tried.


Another thing to check might be;

if other apps are running on your computer

either tying up your processor

or using up the bandwidth