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Microphone shown on Zoom desktop client, but no sound recorded when tested


Good afternoon all,

I'm using a new Nacon RIG 700HS headset plugged into a Lenovo T440s laptop, and although the Zoom Windows 10 desktop client displays the microphone in it's list of detected devices, when I test it, the indication bar doesn't move, and there's no audio being recorded.

(If I try this same test with the RIG 700HS plugged into my other computer, a Lenovo P310 workstation, everything works properly, which suggests that the RIG 700HS isn't faulty, and it can work with the Zoom client, but not on the Lenovo T440s for some reason.)

Strangely, if I uninstall the Zoom client from the Lenovo T440s, and do a test meeting using Zoom on the web, the web app detects the microphone, and the microphone test does a recording which i can play back as expected.

What can i try to make the desktop client work properly with this headset microphone on this laptop?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Kind regards, Roger V.