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Microphone(s) stop working during meetings and calls.


I have the latest Windows Zoom client, 5.12.9 (10650), and with this version and previous versions, I have my desktop microphone (JLAB Talk Go) cut out and stop working. When I choose another audio source, like my headset (Plantronics Blackire 325), that will also cut out after a while, and I have to switch back to the desktop microphone. I am running on a Windows 11 desktop machine that has plenty of resources. Why does only Zoom have problems with my microphones?



Same issue with an integrated microphone on a Dell XPS 13 (laptop). Started around Oct/Nov. 2022 and continues to this day. Shortly after successfully joining a meeting (audio and video working) a Microphone error message appears  "Microphone not working, check connections or a select a different microphone"  Sound and video and chat continue to work.  Checking or selecting an audio setting (after the error occurs) hangs zoom and requires you to close and restart Zoom (Note: the wait for app to respond = wait for ever). I see this issue in several strings but have not found and resolutions.


Found this post in another thread and it corrected the microphone disconnected issue.  Hope this helps others. Copied from Zoom Community:

‎2021-11-24 01:21 AM

I was helped by a Zoom staff member.

There are two settings to change.


Within Zoom, go to Audio settings.

Select 'Advanced' at the foot of the screen.

Select “Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers” to “Off (Windows - Raw)”





In Windows Settings, go to Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Sound

In Sound, right click the device (i.e. the microphone) being used and select Properties
​Click on Advanced tab, then uncheck “Enable Audio enhancements”, and click apply.


This worked for me but you might have to do a reboot after you've changed the settings.