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Microphone, but no headset audio - Logitech H570e USB headset


The microphone for my Logitech H570e headset (Zoom-supported) works fine with Zoom. But there is no audio to the headphones. However, the headphones work with all other apps.


For Zoom,  other audio output (speakers, monitor speaker...) work, including the Sound control panel test feature in Windows.


I've restarted Windows (10). Zoom app is 5.8.4 (1736). I've tried different USB ports.


I've been through the 6 pages of community posts, the audio settings, and also the Zoom test call. Thanks for any suggestions. 



Have you verified that the headset is selected as the audio output source in the Zoom app?



Yes, as soon as I plug the headset in, Zoom and other apps default to it for both mic and earphones.

Probably not the answer, but check your sound mixer. With the headset selected as the audio output device for Windows, right-click on the speaker icon and select "open volume mixer". Find Zoom in the available apps and ensure the slider is not all the way down or muted.

That wasn't it, but you did send me into a part of Windows I'd never ventured into before! In the Apps section, Zoom had "default" for its device choices; changing them explicitly to the headset didn't help.