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Mic and camera not working for MS Teams mtg


We run a couple of Zoom Rooms on Mac Mini's, with an iPad as the room controller and can join MS Teams meetings that are sent to the room's the calendar (interop?). Following an update to the iPad's iPadOS yesterday, the camera and mic do not work in MS Teams meetings. 


The camera "preview" appears briefly as the Zoom Room enters the MS Teams meeting but then it stops, and so does the mic. You cannot hear or see any remote participants either. 

The cam/mic work on a native Zoom meeting, so we know there's not a problem with them, it's just when you "one-tap to join" a MS Teams meeting. 


macOS 11.6 (Zoom app version 5.17.0 [5140])

iPadOS 17.2 (Zoom app version 5.16.5 [1966])


Has anybody experienced this in the past?