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Merging a personal and a business Zoom account?


We have been using my employers personal Zoom account to schedule all his meetings, but now we need to switch him over to the licensed account for our organization. He has been added as a licensed member of the account, and the IT people say that he will need to join this new account when he logs in.  I'm concerned about what will happen to all of the previously scheduled meetings in his personal account when he "joins" this new account. Will they merge into this new account and be retained or will they be lost? Thank you!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @kvanwert 


  • After accepting the invite and joining the account, the following details will transfer with you:
    • Your profile details (name, profile picture, time zone, etc)
    • Scheduled meetings and webinars
    • Cloud recordings
    • IM history
    • Contacts
    • Settings
      Settings may be altered if they conflict with group or account settings on the account you are joining. Any licenses, such as large meeting or webinar, will not transfer, so these will need to be assigned by an admin on the new account. Reporting data will also not be transferred, so it is recommended they access and download any needed reports before accepting the account invitation. While IM history is transferred with and accessible to the user, any IM history from before joining the account is not accessible to account admins on the new account.


Thank you! Sounds like the meetings will transfer over, and I don't think he has any reports to worry about. Fingers crossed...