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Merging Audio/Video from a recorded Meeting


Hello, I finished recording a meeting and saved it to my local computer.  But in the folder where the recorded file is downloaded, the audio and video files are separate. Individually, both the audio and video are working fine. How can I merge this into one? And is there any way i can disable these separate recording?. Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Good Morning,


Your audio should be there on the mp4 video file as well.  Are you saying when you open the video file, there is no audio present?


I just ran a test recording to my computer and my video had audio with it, and I had the separate mp3 audio file as well.  I'd reach out to Zoom support if your video file doesn't have the audio with it.


If you want to marry audio and video together, you'd have to edit them together in another program, like Premiere, Final Cut, Camtasia, etc.