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Meetings cancelling themselves


I create a meeting via the zoom web client, from there I use the room link that is generated to create an Outlook calendar invite with the zoom meeting as a location.

I then send this to a client, and then create a new one with the same room link to a candidate.

After a short period of time, both meetings are cancelled without any input from me or recipients, and a cancellation email is sent to the recipients.


Hoping to get any sort of guidance on this as I believe it is an issue with the room link being "double booked" but can't confirm this.



I've set several meetings for next week, sent details out to participants and I've logged on to set another and all the previous booked meetings have disappeared, no details are showing and says I haven't set any.  I went to set another, completed the details same as previous meetings, clicked save and it just reverted back to home screen and gave no details to forward on to participant.  Not exactly same as your experience but similar