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Meetings and Participant Reports-Repeat Names


In the last several meetings, the name of some of the attendees is showing up as the name for other attendees. Then when I generate a participant report, the same name is repeated multiple times. I'm attaching one of the reports here. I've deleted their last names and email addresses for privacy. 


These reports are going to an administrator who uses them to give the attendees credit for participation. So, it's critical the reports are accurate. 


Anyone know why this is happening? How do I fix it?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There is no way to fix the repeating attendee name. This shows each new connection to the meeting so if an attendee is disconnected and comes back it shows them twice or even if they use a separate audio device it will count as two. Someone with multiple occurrences is most likely caused by them having a bad connection that needs to be re-established often. The best thing to do would be to simply remove duplicates once the report is generated. However, even this can cause an issue if you had two people with the same name.

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This is still happening. In the attendee report for a recent webinar, most users are shown only once, but many have between 2 to 14 occurrences, without any obvious explanation. The attendee report would be more valuable if each user occurs only once.