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Meeting that was SET up did not SHOW up, but it still "worked" when selected...

Good afternoon! Opening Zoom.US, I set up a zoom meeting for the board of the org I work with and shared the meeting invitation. a few weeks later when I logged in to start the meeting, it wasn't listed there to select. I had to go back to the email that had the link and open it from that link and letting each of the board members enter the room as usual. This is the second time that a meeting that I'd set up did not appear as a selection when it was actually supposed to be happening (although the last time this happened, the meeting listing did actually show up the next day as a selection.. This time, I recorded the program too., so zoom recognized me as the host. Is this a glitch in the program or am I doing something wrong?
There were no error codes, device was desktop microsoft, no idea what version.