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Meeting still showing as not started and no usage report


I started my scheduled meeting from my Zoom window 10 minutes prior to the start time by clicking on Start under the Meetings section. Then I still got a pop-up window in the corner of my desktop screen saying it was time to start the meeting. But I had already started the meeting from what I thought was the correct place, and people were joining from the link I had provided them earlier. So I didn't want to re-start the meeting. When the recording finished, the folder title in the Zoom folder on my local computer was the same as my meeting title, so I assumed Zoom had still considered it the right meeting. However, now when I go to the Usage report for participants hoping to get a list of people who attended, that meeting is not showing in the list. And in my Zoom window it still shows that I need to start the meeting. What did I do wrong so I don't repeat this in the future? Why did this happen? And how do I now retrieve my list of participants? This is important information! Thanks.