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Meeting sponsor showing on "registered" list


I am the sponsor of a meeting and I name to be listed on the "attendees" list of registered attendees. This used to work and now gives me an error "sponsor cannot register". How do I get around this?


I am using this list for CME purposes and I must track name and email of all attendees, including me.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Raydoc can you please screenshot the error that's prompted to you? I am not familiar with a 'sponsor cannot register', however, are you referring to the Host?  As the Host cannot register for their own meeting they're hosting. 


For example ⤵️

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 12.52.13 PM.png


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I meant host. For CME credit, all attendees must register and the host cannot register. How else can I get a roster of who attended (to include the host)?