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Meeting scheduled via Outlook has disappeared from Zoom meetings


I schedule a regular, weekly meeting and selected to schedule it via Outlook so I could choose specific times. I invited/emailed a list of attendees (but maybe didn't send it to myself?). It has appeared in my outlook schedule, but it does not appear anywhere on Zoom. As a result, I cannot change the settings of this scheduled meeting (I need to change the settings from "authenticated users only" to "everyone"). 


I've done this with other meetings, and they then appear in my "Meetings" section of the Zoom App. But not this one. 


What can I do?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @khdavies are your other meetings via outlook as well? I would suggest re-integrating Outlook with Zoom, by uninstalling the "Zoom Plugin for Outlook". And reimplementing the Zoom plugin integration

Zoom Community Moderator

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