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Meeting registrarion -- edit confirmation? Send automated followup?


I'm looking for for info on how/whether it's possible to configure Zoom so that when I require registration for a meeting (not a webinar), can I edit the confirmation, send email to registrants (changing date/time), and sending an automated followup message after the meeting? 



Under "My Meetings," Click "edit" for your program. Click "email settings," then "confirmation email to registrants. You can personalize the subject line and message. This can also become a reminder email of you slightly change the wording.


The confirmation email is automatic if you check that box.  If you want to send a later reminder, go under "My Meetings," then Registration > Manage Registration > View. You can then send reminders to all who are registered but it is not automatic, and each page has to be sent individually.


Under "My Meetings," then "Branding" you can also  put a logo, and. banner.


Yes, it would be SUPER helpful to have automated reminder emails 1 week/1 day/1 hour before (like webinars), or at the very least to be able to resend confirmation emails to ALL registrants without having to go page by page.

OR allowing for breakout rooms in the webinar. Some way to combine the emailing/reminder features of the webinar with the breakout room capability of the meeting so that I can have breakout rooms and not have to manually send out reminder emails.