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Meeting limited to 100 but webinar license is active


Until now we hosted meeting with more than 100 participants with a Zoom Meeting pro plan + Webinar 500 plan. This combo allowed us to have big audience (up to 500 participants) and language interpretations, both features also in Meetings.


Today we had an issue during a meeting, where Zoom didn't allowed more than 100 participants and we were forced to purchase the Large Meeting Add On urgently during the meeting, but losing however big part of the audience.


Is there anything changed regarding an Active Webinar License, which won't allows anymore meetings of up to 500 participants? If yes, when this happened?


Curious to know what was happened, in order to improve the plans needed for our use-cases.


Thanks in advance,


Community Champion

Hello @scingiangritro,
My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! This has not changed at all. It is possible/plausible that the meeting that was scheduled by the host did not have the Webinar license on it, or the Webinar license may have expired. To check this you would go under user management > users to check to make sure that the user in question had the license on their account. 


To check to see if the Webinar License had expired you can go to Account Management (Admin only) > billing and check the expiration date on the Webinar license for your account. If the webinar license did expire, you can simply purchase the license again, assign it to the same user (host) that had it previously and all of the Webinar settings will be saved. 


I hope that this is helpful. 

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Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the reply. We did those two checks during the meeting before purchasing the add-on as a last solution. We have only one user in the account and the License is assigned and active. Is it possible there were a Zoom issue? What is the way to have a refund of the add-on purchased, since it isn't necessary?


Thanks again!

Hello @scingiangritro


 The only other scenario that I can think of is that the host may have not logged in with the correct user account. That is the only way that our servers would not detect that the user license was not valid for 500 participants. 


As for the refund, if you would like to you can reach out to our Zoom Billing Support personnel via phone or by support ticket and they can make the determination if the refund would be valid. 


I hope that this is helpful. 




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Hi Brandon,

Just  last check before mark the answer as the solution.

Can you confirm us that remaining with a webinar License assigned to the main User, it is possible to host a Meeting with more than 100 and up to 500 participants, like we did in the past?


Thanks again,