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Meeting invites appear in UTC


Hi There,


My meeting invites have randomly started appearing in UTC rather than EST. I have checked my time zone setting in both Zoom and Google, both are set to EST. 

I have also asked my colleagues who receive the same meeting invitations and theirs  appear in EST. 

Please advise,




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Ocemerson1 Even if it has been some time after your initial post, I still want to make sure you get help. Are you still having trouble with this? If so, I'd be happy to assist you in solving the problem.


Leverage cool features and how to's from the Community Center. If my reply helped, don't forget to click the accept as solution button! ⤵️

I am having this same issue. Please advise.

I'm having the same problem. When I send Zoom invite to my staff through gmail, they show up in UTC creating all kinds of confusion. 


I have the same issue. It seems to happen when using the bi-directional calendar sync. The event is added on the correct date/time, but when you open the meeting, the time is converted into UTC. The time is technically correct, it's just showing in UTC.